20th Anniversary 

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2003 - 2007


2003 was the Club's 10th anniversary year. The Club adopted the activities program as an ongoing design and no better summary of this year’s events can be found but from the President's report at the tenth AGM.

President's Report 2003 – Theo Schutz

Well how time flies; it only seemed like last month that I was writing last year's report and what a busy and successful year we have had!

The Christmas party was held at Don and Margaret's house and the club would like to thank them for their hospitably and the fine weather that they supplied.

We had some very interesting speakers this year starting with John Duncan from Bishops in Nowra in February, in April we had Phil Grech who spoke on how he grows his Cymbidiums, in June our show marshal Jenny Schutz showed us how to prepare our plants and do the paper work for the up coming shows, July came and we had Jan Bowman from the S.C.0.C along to teach us about floral art, in August we had our good friend Kevin Wilson down to talk to us about Promeneas, September it was Norma Stafford's turn and she showed some award slides of the quality of flowers we should be trying to buy, and in October Alan Stephenson was our guest and he spoke on the photography of orchids.

Again we held winter and spring shows and these were both very successful mainly due to the sponsorship gained by Don Hayes (Winter Show Surfair Holden Moruya) and the (Spring Show Eurobodalla Nature Coast Tourism) and also to Ian Scott for all the work he put into advertising both shows.

As I have always said without plants you don't have a show and again thanks to all the members who benched plants and a big thank you to all the members who gave of their time to sell raffle tickets and crockery, make posies, do potting demonstrations, help in the sales area and the kitchen and generally keep an eye on things. To the show marshal and her helpers again a big thank you. The Grand Champion at the Winter Show was Theo & Jenny Schutz, Reserve Champion was Joy Richardson and Novice Champion was Gerry & May Smith.

The Grand Champion at the Spring Show was taken out by John & Pat Tanner, Reserve by Joy Richardson and Novice by Tom & Elaine Kelly. Other big winners at other shows were Sylvia Hawkins Novice Champion at Milton Winter Show, Tom O'Connor Novice Champion at Sapphire Winter Shower, Ron and Rose Boyd Grand Champion at the Sapphire Spring Show and Gloria Gustard Novice Champion at the Milton Spring Show.

Without doubt the club's biggest win this year was winning the Champion Display at the South and West Region Show and Conference in Canberra, again I would like to thank the members who gave of their plants and time to help set up the display.     

                                                                                                                       Theo Schutz



Patty Parker was the popular recipient of a Meritorious Award.

President:                     Theo Schutz

Vice-President:              John Gellibrand

Secretary:                     Sylvia Hawkins

Treasurer:                     Anne Schramm

Committee Members:    Jenny Schutz, Margaret Hayes, Ian Scott, 

                                     Estelle Neilson, Kevin Ward

The Chairman informed members the following members had kindly agreed to continue           their positions for 2004.

Jenny Schutz                Show Marshall

Don Hayes                    Membership Officer

John Gellibrand            Public Officer

Ian Scott                       Publicity Officer

The Chairman thanked them all for doing a wonderful job and consenting to continue and Club Members showed their appreciation by acclamation.



The 2004 Club activities program was distributed to members. 

The Club purchased a trailer to transport the Club’s trestle tables.

Theo President’s report summarised the year’s achievements.

President’s Report 2004

The year of 2004 was what I consider our most successful year to date because we gained more new members, twenty five in total this year, and this is what our club is about, the promotion and growing of orchids.

The year started with our Christmas party which was held at the home of Ian and Dedrie Girdler and on behalf of all the members I would like to thank them for their hospitality. We had about forty three present on the day and a great time was had by all, I also had the pleasure of notifying Gerry and May Smith, Tom and Elaine Kelly, Peter and Laurina Vanest and Tom O'Connor of their promotion from novice to open growers. They are all to be congratulated on their performances this year.

We started the year with Dennis Diehm as our guest speaker in February meeting and after that we had lots of very interesting club nights including discussion nights, our annual auction and even a trivia night.

In March we held our first two day work shop at the Luhana Motel in Moruya and this venture was a great success. We had forty five registrants for the two days and these orchid growers came from the Canberra Orchid Society, Sapphire Coast Orchid Club and of course our own club. Ray Clement and David Banks were the guest speakers for the weekend and what a job they did. It was good to see all of the growers buying the different genera that Ray and David had for sale. It would be wrong if I did not again thank Ian Scott for the wonderful job he did with the catering.

Our annual display at the Narooma Pool was one of the best yet with one hundred and twenty five plants on display for the public to see and it was pleasing to see the members turn out to help over the two days.

In May some twenty six of our members went on an orchid crawl in the Tuross Head area. It was a very interesting day. We started at the home of Tom and Elaine Kelly and what a set up they have. Tom grows his orchids really well and there is not a thing out of place in his bush house. Elaine's magnificent garden is a credit to her. We then moved on to Branco and Maria’s house and to the members that had not been there before this was a real eye opener as this couple grow such wonderful specimen plants, they are a sight to behold. After partaking in morning tea that was more like lunch, we then moved on to the home of Gordon Marion. Gordon has not long moved to the area and has a wonderful collection of orchids. After admiring his collection we all had a BBQ lunch and then finally set off for home about 3 o'clock. I would like to thank these members for their hospitality and letting us see how they grow their orchids.

It did not take long for the winter show to come around and again this show, held in Moruya, just keeps getting bigger and better. Again I must congratulate all the members for the quality of the plants that were benched and for all the help that they gave to the members who benched plants.

Then it was on to our spring show in Batemans Bay and this was the first time that we have held this show over three days and I think we have hit on a winner. After a few hiccups with the setup we finally got the plants on the benches by 11 pm. We had two hundred and eighty four plants benched and this again was a record number for our club. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our members who travel from Nowra, Eden, Tura Beach and Kalaru, to present their plants in the condition that they do is a credit to them.

At this time I must thank some of our members for the wonderful work they do at our shows, these are not in any order so don't be upset if you are left to last. Firstly Joy Giust and Jan Borman for the lovely posies that they make, John Gellibrand and all his helpers in the sales area, Dedrie Girdler and helpers in the kitchen, Margaret Hayes and helpers on the crockery table, all the members who sit for hours on the raffle table, Estelle Neilson for the fine dinner she puts on for the judges and workers at our winter show. Last but not least a special thanks to our show marshal Jenny Schutz and her assistant Ian Scott.

I must now thank my committee for putting up with me and supporting, and helping me with the old and new projects that we have undertaken this year. A special thank you to Sylvia Hawkins, our secretary, and Annie Schramm, our treasurer, for a job well done. As our sponsor coordinator and membership officer I would like to thank Don Hayes for his wonderful contribution to the club.

Unfortunately we lost Kevin Ward from the committee during the year, but not before he did something that no other person has been able to do in the life time of this club, and this was to arrange a bus trip to the Australian Cymbidium Show that was held in Sydney in September, well done Kevin.

Again thanks to all the members for your support during the year and may next year be as prosperous. Also, whether I am president or not next year please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any problems at all. Don't forget if I am reelected as your president and you have a problem of any sort please come and talk to me about it.

                                                                                                                                        President Theo Schutz

Our First Two Day Workshop held at  Luhana Motel, Moruya

Australian Cymbidium Show
organized by Kevin Ward

The Display at Narooma Pool


At the 11th AGM John Gellibrand presented the revised and updated “Rules for Members” the changes were adopted by the Members.

The following were elected to the Committee.

President:                      Theo Schutz

Vice-President:              John Gellibrand

Secretary:                      Sylvia Hawkins

Treasurer:                     Anne Schramm

Committee Members:     Gerry Smith, Jenny Schutz, Margaret Hayes, 

                                      Ian Scott, Estelle Neilson 


An insight to this year’s program is found in the President's Report.

President's Report 2004-5


We started our year in December with our Christmas party at the home of Nigel and Estelle Neilson at Congo Farm and what a pretty setting this was. We had a wonderful time, the food was good, the company was even better but nothing was better than the sweets. Congratulations to all the popular vote winners and a special mention to the joint winners of the president's encouragement award, those being Liz Cleaver and Ron Middleton. Again thank you Nigel and Estelle for their hospitality and the use of their property.

After a two month break for Christmas and New Year we were all ready to get back into the swing of things and the first club night was held in February. Our guest speaker was Mr.Ted Beehag, he spoke on Odontoglossoms and how he grows them in southern Sydney. At this meeting we had forty three members present with eleven apologies and thirty one plants benched.

The annual auction is always a lot of fun at the March meeting and this year's was no exception, there were forty two present, ten apologies and thirty seven plants benched.

What a meeting we had in April! Neville Roper was our guest speaker and he spoke on the propagation of orchids and the props that he used had to be seen to be believed. All of the thirty members present received a Sarc that Neville kindly donated to the members. There were twenty six plants on the bench.

In May we held the very popular round table discussion where all members get to discuss their plants and any problems they have with them. Ron Boyd did a potting demonstration and a good night was had by all. Forty seven plants were benched and thirty nine members attended.

In June the speaker was Graham Banks from Sydney and he spoke on how he grows Paphiopedilums. Graham does a lot of breeding of Paphs and has bred some that have received high awards. The thirty seven members present all commented on how good the talk was and how well it was presented. Sixty plants were benched.

July was the start of our show season and at the July our show marshal Jenny gave a demonstration on how to enter and prepare your plants for the shows. There were thirty four members and twenty six plants benched.

At the winter show Ron and Rose Boyd won Grand and Reserve Champion while Ian and Diedre Girdler won Novice Champion. The open point score was won by Ron and Rose Boyd and the novice by John and Susan Richmond.

August was a busy month for all members with a lot of the shows in this month. Our speaker was John Duncan from Bishop's Produce Store in Nowra. Again thirty four members present but only twenty plants; it looks like members were saving their plants for the spring show.

It was not long and the spring show was upon us. We were down a little on plants but I felt that the quality of the flowers was a lot better than previous years. Theo and Jenny Schutz won Grand Champion with Gerry and May Smith winning Reserve. Everard and Ilonka Cylink won Novice Champion with a beautiful Phaleanopsis.

Alan Stephenson took some members from Sapphire, Canberra and Eurobodalla Orchid Clubs on a bush walk in September around the outskirts of Nowra looking for orchids. What a great day was had by all and we were shown a feast of terrestrials, some for the very first time. Alan was also our guest speaker in September, at which we had thirty seven plants benched and thirty three members present.

Trevor Hughes was our guest speaker for the month of October and he spoke on how to grow Cymbidiums from tubes. The club purchased some plants from Trevor and gave them to members that were present on the night. Trevor then explained to the members how he pots and grows his seedlings. He will be back in February to see how they are progressing. We had thirty nine plants, thirty five members and five apologies.

We have had a lot of good times this year but we had some very sad times as well, firstly our very popular secretary Sylvia Hawkins lost her husband Merv, then we lost a very good member in Alan Stearn who was tragically killed in a car accident and then another member Dennis Killen passed away.

Again I had a very good committee to work with and this made my job as president so easy and enjoyable throughout the year and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.      .

During the year our treasurer Annie had to resign due to personal reasons and I thank her for the job she did and a special thank you to Barbara Williams for filling in for the remainder of the year. I think it would be remiss of me if I didn't mention a few people who spent so much time serving our club at the shows; the people who sat on the raffle table, the people on the crockery table, the people on the sales table the people who did the potting demonstrations and the people who helped in the kitchen. I have deliberately not named members because I feel that I might forget someone, but those that helped will know who I mean. I must thank the show marshals for a job well done and last but not least I thank my wife for all the support she has given me throughout the year.

In closing, if elected I promise to serve this club to the best of my ability and not only see the club grow but to see it as a very social club as well. Thank you for having me as your president.              Theo Schutz.

In September, Alan Stephenson led us on a bushwalk looking for orchids around the outskirts of Nowra.



We had a hot start to 2006 for New Year’s Day was one of the hottest days on record in our area, many member lost some orchids. Theo said “he lost about thirty masdevallias and most of them were good ones.” 

The guest speaker for April was Alex Brand who spoke about the downsizing of his orchid collection. 

Kay Brand was asked to explain to the members how the Australian Orchid Council gives a Meritorious Award badge to the club which is then presented to a member.

A very delighted Sylvia Hawkins was the receiver of this year’s badge.

In May, Clive Halls and his wife Aggie, were welcomed. Clive entertained us with information on growing Masdevallias.

The Winter Show was held a week later this year as quite a number of our members intend to attend the Australian Orchid Conference being held in Port Macquarie.

The CWA Hall was packed with 180 plants on display for the Winter Show. 

The Spring Show was held in Batemans Bay and although we were down in numbers the show was a great success in attendance by the general public.

As the previous club shirt had become unavailable a new shirt was sourced; black with yellow stripes on the sleeves and collar and the club emblem embroidered on it.


The September meeting was a trivia night and one of our members showed what a well-travelled and knowledgeable woman she is. Well done Alma!

Sue Carroll has taken on the position of newsletter editor. 

One of the highlights of the year was our bus trip to the Southern Orchid Spectacular held at the Cronulla Leagues Club in October.

At the AGM in November 2006 the following were elected:

President:                    Theo Schutz

Vice President:             John Gellibrand

Secretary:                     Sylvia Hawkins

Treasurer:                    Colin Pearson

Committee Members:    Jenny Schutz, Gerry Smith, Barbara Williams, 

                                     Margaret Hayes, Sue Carroll



The program for 2007 was accepted.

This year, 2007, the Meritorious Award Badge was presented to May Smith. It took a while

 for May to realize it was her being called and the look on May’s face was a picture. The 

Member’s agreement to this award was a thunderous acclamation.

Trevor Hughes from Nowra visited us in February to look at and talk about how our cymbidiums were growing. 

In following months Ron Boyd spoke on deflasking, John Apperley on Hard Cane Dendrobiums and Tom Kelly on Australian natives.

It was our turn to hold the 2 day workshop. We had 55 orchid growers attend to listen to what Nicky Zurcher and Dennis Diehm had to say on how they grow their different genera. 

The Winter Show for 2007 was once again held in Moruya but this year the Spring Show was held in the Sport and Leisure Centre in Narooma.

A display was held before each show this year one in Moruya and one in Narooma. The money raised from the raffles, on these two days, was donated to the Moruya Hospital Auxiliary. 

The club entered a display in “Orchid Heaven 2007” the South and West Regional Show held in Bega in September. Second place was awarded to the club display which was in the form of a night display encompassing the moon and stars with a large star full of orchids. 


In October club members were off on another bus trip to the Southern Orchid Spectacular held at the Sharkies Club & quite a number of plants were on the return trip.


During the middle months of this year our President Theo needed a sojourn in hospital with complications from diabetes but before long he was back in the chair and at the AGM in November, the following were elected to the committee.


President:                     Theo Schutz

Vice President:             Jean Swindley

Secretary:                     Sylvia Hawkins

Treasurer:                    Colin Pearson

Committee Members:    Jenny Schutz, Gerry Smith, Barbara Williams,

                                     Margaret Hayes, Sue Carroll