20th Anniversary 

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Eurobodalla Orchid Club - President Tony Groube's Report - 2016 

"Our AGM on 11 November 2015 returned the previous year’s Committee and Office Bearers unopposed. The Annual Orchids-only Auction saw $900 of Members’ orchids change hands.

The December 2015 General Meeting was held in conjunction with the Christmas Party at Kyla Park Hall, Tuross Head. Barb Williams took charge of catering, Don and Margaret Hayes organised the Christmas Hamper and orchid prizes, and Liz Cleaver made up the Orchid Hampers. President’s Encouragement Awards were made to Jo Harding and Ivan Balentovic, and I was humbled by being presented with a Meritorious Service Award from the Orchid Society of NSW.

Liz Cleaver made up the Orchid Hampers

President Tony received  a Meritorious Service Award

Three Members entertained the Club’s February 2016 General Meeting – Jean Swindley with a presentation on ‘baby’orchids; Colin Pearson with a power-point presentation on his Phalaenopsis and their cultivation; and Maria Kacarovski presented a slide show on the development of her new greenhouse and the survival of her plants during its construction. On 21st February the President’s Sausage Sizzle attracted thirty-one participants – Colin Pearson at the BBQ and Barb Williams providing kitchen support, whilst Liz and Tony played hosts. 

Maria Kacarovski presented a slide show on the development of her new greenhouse
 and the survival of her plants during its construction.

 February 2016 also saw the commencement of the OSNSW Orchid Appreciation Course, co-ordinated by OSNSW South and West Regional Judging Panel Registrar, Peter Stubbs. Of the participants, half are EOC Members.

In March, Tom Kelly was not well enough to undertake a major repotting and/or dividing demo for genus Sarcochilus at the General Meeting, however the intrepid Sylvia Hawkins and Liz Cleaver took to one unruly specimen of Liz’s and then performed a much less dramatic ‘tidy-up’ of a Specimen provided by Colin Pearson. The Annual March Workshop was conducted by the Sapphire Coast Club at Merimbula and veterans Ray Clement and David Banks, joined by David Gynn (Sequoia Orchids) led the sessions.

The April General Auction netted $427, but was without Colin Pearson as Co-Auctioneer and Treasurer. The earlier General Meeting unanimously accepted David Hay’s nomination to the vacant roles of Treasurer and Public Officer following Colin’s forced resignation from these positions on 29 March 2016.

Colin Pearson was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer on 17 March 2016 and died on 17 April 2016. He joined the Eurobodalla Orchid Club in 2003 and was Treasurer from November 2006 to 29 March 2016. He was awarded the Orchid Society of NSW Meritorious Service Award in 2010, and was granted EOC Life Membership in 2013 in recognition of his significant and generous contribution to the Club’s operation.

Colin  Pearson

The May General Meeting was to have featured Alan Merriman but his slow recovery from hip replacement surgery meant that we resorted to screening one of his Orchid Culture DVDs. The May program included a New Growers Workshop at Liz and Tony’s on 26th with various genera, pests and diseases being discussed, and the odd sausage or two stir-fried on the BBQ.

Our June Meeting saw Show Marshal Jean Swindley presenting her requirements for the forthcoming Shows. Liz and Tony ran through preparation and display of Showbench hopefuls, and Peter Vanest provided an impromptu demonstration of some of his presentation techniques for Masdevallias.

The Club promoted its Winter Show in the frost at Moruya Markets on 2nd July and the proceeds from Raffle and Posy sales of just over $200 were donated to the Moruya District Hospital Auxiliary. The Winter Show was held on 8&9 July at the CWA Hall Moruya – the weather on the first day was atrocious and resulted in poor attendance. Fortunately, things were brighter for the second day and attendance was about average to see the 180+ plants on display – Grand Champion Orchid was Liz Cleaver’s Bulbo. Elizabeth Anne ‘Buckleberry.’ 

Grand Champion Orchid was Liz Cleaver’s Bulbo. Elizabeth Anne ‘Buckleberry.’ 

The July 13th General Meeting gave everyone a chance to display and discuss remedies for apparently diseased and poorly growing plants. Sound advice was provided and growing tips were shared freely in a workshop-like environment. We learned later that long-time Member Ian Girdler had died on the same day.

Tony, Colin & Ian

Ian Girdler

Our August 10th General Meeting featured Ron Boyd and an informative Power-point presentation on his Paphiopedilum growing tips - from selection of flasks, to show bench. The three-day Spring Show at Narooma, August 26-28, was a huge success with good weather, more than 250 benched orchids, and keen interest from the public. David Gynn (Sequoia Orchids) took a sales table at the Show and also won Grand and Reserve Championships with Cym. Vibrant Bliss ‘Sunpure’ x Southern King ‘Mem. John Mata’ and Cym. Khan Fury ‘Kurnell.’

Brian Phelan was Guest Speaker at the September Meeting and gave a thorough presentation on the joys and pitfalls of growing Odontoglossums in the Shoalhaven region. Helen Marshall’s Zga Adelaide Meadows ‘Braeburn’ x Zba Beenak Jester was First to Flower in the Growing Competition, and David and Diane Hay won the overall point score in that event.

On October 8th the New Growers’ Workshop on Dendrobiums was conducted by Graham Jackson at his Moruya property. The October General Meeting provided opportunities for Liz Cleaver, Gordon Marion and Jean Swindley to show-off their skills at Cymbidium Division, Cattleya Division and Slabbing. 

New Growers’ Workshop on Dendrobiums was conducted by Graham Jackson

A further highlight was the Mogo Orchid and Fern Nursery Tri-Club Fun Day on 30th Oct with Helen Marshall taking the Novice trophy and Peter and Laurina Vanest the Open. A big thank you to Eddy and Karen Ruiz for hosting the event, and for sponsorship during what has been a health-challenged year for Eddy.

The Annual Sarc Challenge with Sapphire Coast Club was held in David and Barbara Jones’ extensive garden at Kalaru on 5th November. EOC Members displayed 124 Sarcs, but were overwhelmed by the 150+ plants benched by Sapphire Members. EOC’s Gordon Marion won Best Sarc. Good weather, good company and a great display of Sarcs - set off by the two resident red-bellied black snakes in the adjoining rockery.

In review – we lost two esteemed Members in Colin Pearson and Ian Girdler. On the positive side we maintained a strong membership base and financial position. We replaced an obsolete computer and farewelled our timber trestles and tables and replaced them with the lightweight moulded plastic variety. More comprehensive detail of the year in review is on the Club’s Website, in Newsletters and on the Facebook Page, for which I thank Diane Hay. Thanks to Vice-President and Show Marshal Jean Swindley, and to new Treasurer David Hay. Thanks to our Auditors Don Hayes and Peter Stubbs for undertaking that role. We have had a great Committee and an equally strong, contributing and cohesive membership. Thank you all for your contribution, participation and conviviality over the last twelve months – I look forward to this Club continuing its role within the orchid and general communities."
Tony Groube

Eurobodalla Orchid Club - President Tony Groube's Report - 2017

Thirty eight Members attended the Annual General Meeting on 9 November 2016 and returned the previous year’s Committee and Office Bearers. The orchids only auction followed and resulted in $800 worth of plants changing hands.

The December 2016 General Meeting was held in conjunction with the Christmas Party at the Kyla Park Hall. Diane Hay was the recipient of an OSNSW Meritorious Service Award for her contribution to this Club and neighbouring Clubs. We introduced a mini-benching of flowering plants, up to three per Member, which displayed a number of orchids which never had a chance of a public outing. In addition to the Christmas Comestibles Raffle Hamper, Orchid and Chocolate hampers were popular raffle prizes. Jean Swindley and Gordon Marion lead the carol singing, and every Member present took home a new orchid as a Christmas Present from the Club.

Our February General Meeting saw Jane Wright conduct an informative and illustrated talk on Lycastes. We started the monthly benching year by splitting the Species Category into three sections – Australian, Asian, and other Species. The annual President’s sausage sizzle attracted thirty participants.

In March we introduced Jeanne Dunn to the Membership with an excellent presentation on Dockrillia species and hybrids. A number of Members attended the March Workshop conducted by the Canberra Orchid Society and featuring Bill Miles, Stephen Stebbings, Mark Clements and ANU Researcher, Ryan Phillips

Our major fund raising event, the General Auction, was held at our April Meeting and raised $416. The General Meeting ratified a revision of the Club’s Rules, which had not been revised since 2005.

The May Meeting saw Sue Carroll demonstrating how and where she grows her orchids and Gordon Marion presented some facts on the effects of light on orchids, especially the red and blue wavelengths. A Growers’ Workshop was conducted at Paula and Michael Brown’s at Tuross Head with emphasis on Dendrobiums and Sarcochilus, and the Batemans Bay Club’s bus trip to Orchids Out West was well supported by EOC Members.

Peter Stubbs provided the June Meeting with some simple steps that can be taken to present a flowering orchid at its best. The Orchid Crawl on 17 June took us through the Tuross Head collections of Maria Kacarovski, David and Diane Hay, Gordon Marion and Jean Swindley before concluding at the Tuross Boatshed.

We commenced July with a display and promotion stall at the Moruya Markets, a week prior to the Winter Show at the CWA Hall Moruya. Peter and Laurina Van Est were exhibitors of both the Grand and Reserve Champions, Robin Baker took the Novice Championship and Most Successful Exhibitor was Gordon Marion. Numbers of orchids on display (150) were less than previous years due to a colder autumn and early winter. Our General Meeting took the form of an “in the round” Q&A and discussion on all orchid problems and generally, someone was able to come up with an answer.

Graeme and Denise Krake attended our August Meeting to speak on terrestrials and brought with them a number of plants in flower and for sale. On 23 August 2017 we lost long time Member, Club Supporter and Top Sarcochilus Grower, Tom Kelly. His and Elaine’s presence on the Raffle and Sales Tables is sadly missed.

The Spring Show was held at Narooma over two days on Friday and Saturday, 1&2 September in a break with the tradition of a three day Show. The Show was well attended, numbers of exhibits were up by one hundred on the Winter Show. Vendors included Sequoia Orchids, Mogo Orchid and Fern Nursery and Steve Morgan Bromeliads. Grand Champion and Most Successful Exhibitor was Gordon Marion, and Noel and Maureen Anderson displayed the Novice Champion. It has been decided to hold next year’s Spring Show over a Saturday and Sunday to test which two days generate most attendance. Ron Boyd stepped in at short notice and gave our September Meeting an excellent presentation on Cattleyas and how he handles them.

The S&W Regional Conference and Show “Orchids On The Murray” at Albury (30 September – 1 October) concluded a busy month for Gordon Marion and Jean Swindley, aided by Bob and Barbara Williams. They journeyed to Albury to erect and mount EOC’s display at the event – a display which brought us great credit.

A second long serving Club Member, Tommy O’Connor was lost to us on 5 October 2017. Our second Growers’ Workshop of the year was held at Graham Jackson’s property on 7 October with a deflasking of some Jeanne Dunn bred Dockrillia Kilgra and a session by Graham on repotting of Dendrobiums from go to whoa. Gordon Marion then detailed his methodology with the genera. At the October Meeting, Gordon Marion and Jean Swindley presented a video presentation of the S&W Regional Conference and our display.

In review – we lost two esteemed Members in Tom Kelly and Tommy O’Connor. We have maintained a strong membership base and financial position. We replaced a printer and Jean Swindley enhanced IT systems associated with the Shows, and Diane Hay continued to develop our Website and Facebook presence. Thanks to Auditors, Peter Stubbs and Gary Evans. Thanks to all who contributed items to the raffle table and especially to those who donated $25 Mogo Orchid and Fern Nursery Gift Vouchers. Thanks to all who contributed to our Shows, in so many different ways. We give a big thank you to retiring Committee Member and former Secretary, Sylvia Hawkins for her major contribution over the last 15 years.

This Club’s Committee, together with the enthusiasm, co-operation and contribution of the membership at large, has been outstanding. Thank you, everyone, for pulling together and making the Eurobodalla Orchid Club the success it is.

Eurobodalla Orchid Club - President Tony Groube's Report - 2018

Thirty four Members attended the Annual General Meeting on 8 November 2017 and the previous year’s Committee and Office Bearers were returned. The Orchids Only auction was conducted following the AGM and orchids to the value of $590 changed hands.

The December General Meeting/Christmas Party was held again at Kyla Park Hall, Tuross Head with 38 Members present. Barbara Williams was awarded the OSNSW Meritorious Service Award for her contribution to the Club, David Hay was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation for his Treasurer’s activity, and Anne-Marie Collins was the recipient of the President’s Encouragement Award. Once again Jean Swindley and Gordon Marion were acclaimed for their efforts in mounting the Club’s Display at the 2017 S&W Regional Show at Albury. And who could forget Alma Stearn’s recitation of “T’was the Night Before Christmas.” Presentations were made to category winners of the year’s monthly benchings.

We commenced 2018 Club activities with the February General Meeting, planning for the Annual March Workshop, and then the Annual President’s sausage sizzle on 18 February 2018.

In March 2018 we lost two valuable supporters of the Club – Kevin Hipkins of Royale Orchids and Eddy Ruiz of Mogo Orchids and Fern Nursery. Kevin was booked as a Keynote Presenter at the March Workshop along with Clive Halls and Jeanne Dunn. At the March General Meeting, Peter Stubbs gave a presentation on the history of the S&W Region of OSNSW and biennial Conference and Show.

The March Workshop at Tuross Head was another success despite the sad absence of Kevin Hipkins, with David Brooks taking the lead on Cymbidiums and Lycastes. David brought with him some of the Royale Orchids stock that Kevin Hipkins had intended to bring to the workshop. Clive Halls presented on Sarcos and Oncid/Odonts and Jeanne Dunn entertained with her dialogue on Dockrillias and the conduct of an auction of a number of her plants, which, when added to other raffles, raised $390 for the Moruya District Hospital Auxiliary.

April saw the Club’s General Auction Night conducted with $345 raised for general revenue, and Peter Vanest conducted the first of the year’s Growers Workshops at his home on 7 April 2018.

EOC was invited by the Sapphire Club to join their Orchid Crawl on 26 May 2018 and about twenty journeyed South to the collections of Graham Gray (Eden); Bobby Bell (Eden); Jeff Knox (Merimbula) and Austin Pegler (Pambula.) We not only saw some gun collections, but were fed splendidly by Sapphire’s Members.

At our June Meeting Peter Stubbs gave a detailed presentation on Coelogyne species and some hybrids, their differences and how to grow them. Our annual orchid crawl on 16 June 2018,took us to Dalmeny, Narooma and Wallaga Lake Heights to the collections of Una Roberts, Don and Margaret Hayes, and Garry Evans and Vicki Douglas.

We were saddened to hear of the death of Life Member Theo Schutz on 24 June. With his wife Jenny, Theo had been an early Member of the Club, each had completed the OSNSW Judge’s Course and they were well known throughout orchid circles until ill health forced a retreat from the orchid scene ten years ago. Theo had spent fourteen years on the EOC Committee, one as Vice President and nine as President.

The Club’s July Winter Show at the CWA Hall, Moruya was successful, despite a fickle season. Don and Magaret Hayes’s Paphiopedalum Leeanum was Grand Champion and Novice Champion was an unknown Cymbidium exhibited by Garry Evans and Vicki Douglas.

Mitch Karnaghan regaled the August General Meeting with a demonstration of his PVC drainage-pipe mounting techniques for any orchid which enjoyed a mount – exampled by Michelle McIntosh’s Oncidium Twinkle in full flower.

The Spring Show at Narooma was held on Saturday and Sunday 25&26 August with Vendors David Gynn Sequioa Orchids and Steve Morgan Bromeliads in attendance. Grand Champion Orchid was Jean Swindley’s Dinema polybulbon, which also won Champion Species and Champion Specimen. Reserve Champion of the Show went to Cymbidium Marvin Gaye ‘Royale’ exhibited by Novices Garry Evans and Vicki Douglas. Further highlights were the award recommendations for Graham Jackson’s Australian Native Species Dendrobium tetragonum and Jean Swindley’s polybulbon.

September saw the Club’s Twenty Fifth Anniversary and a special luncheon (catered by the Moruya CWA) was held to celebrate the occasion. Life Member and former President Don Hayes proposed the Toast and other Life Members John Gellibrand, Margaret Hayes and Jenny Schutz ‘cut the cake.’ As an adjunct to this event, Liz Cleaver was awarded the OSNSW Meritorious Service Award.

Our second Growers Workshop, concentrating on Dendrobiums and Speciosums, was conducted by Graham Jackson on 6 October. This was followed at the October General Meeting by presentations on Soft Cane Dendrobiums and Coelogyne maintenance by Gordon Marion and Jean Swindley.

On 10 November a number of Members loaded up their Sarcs and travelled to Kalaru for the Annual Sarc Challenge with the Sapphire Coast Club. Four hundred Sarcos benched on mass is a sight to behold. Special thanks to David and Barbara Jones for their hospitality. Whilst Sapphire benched more plants, Eurobodalla won the day with points built on place-getters within the various categories. Two panels of judges were engaged to sort that part out.

In review – it’s been a hectic year at times, during a challenging growing season which I described earlier as “fickle.” We lost three significant supporters of the Club in Theo Schutz, Kevin Hipkins and Eddy Ruiz – they’ll not be forgotten, each having made their mark in a big way.

The Committee has swollen during the year as we co-opted Garry Evans and Glenda Clapin to assist with preparation of the 2019 Show of the S&W Region to be held at Moruya in October next. It is with a degree of sadness to me and others, that Diane Hay has advised that this has been her last year as Secretary of the Club. Diane took on this role in 2010 at the same time as I assumed the Presidency. I can understand that Diane is fair tuckered out – unfortunately not many of us has the ‘oomph’ that we did in 2010. Diane has added so much to the Club’s visibility, the way we do things and liaison with other Clubs. We will miss her on the front line, but hope that she’ll maintain a strong background presence. Helen Watson, who has been on Committee for a similar period has opted for a bit of a spell, but has agreed to retain her role as Club Publicity Officer. We thank our Auditors Peter Stubbs and Garry Evans.


As ever, one can only compliment the Club’s Committee and the seventy nine Members as a whole, for their enthusiasm, co-operation and contribution. The Club is a credit to all involved, to the Shire and the orchid world. Congratulations and thank you to all.